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Podcasting is a fairly new media extra which offers a user the ability to create some kind of a radio-show which he can put online for downloading and listening. Basically podcasting has no limits – you can talk about every topic you can think of and there is nobody that will tell you that you are wrong. Podcasting allows you to express your thoughts about a given subject or topic and present them to the wide community of users who listen to podcasts daily.

The main reason why users download podcasts is to keep in touch with the last news for a subject in which they have interest. Most of those users regularly visit a community specializes about certain subjects and topics. The biggest step which podcasting took forward was when the Apple application iTunes came out. iTunes allows you to share your podcasts and download those of other people. All podcasts are sorted in categories allowing you to easily find your way to the topic in which you are interested. iTunes also gives you a quality rating diagram in which you may see the best podcasts and authors

You probably already have the things needed to start a podcast, because you only need a microphone or media recorder and an internet connection. Of course there are some other things that you may have to take in mind while creating your podcast. You shouldn’t talk about a topic for too long, because you will bore your audience and they won’t think high of you. Of course when you are planning to create a podcast not only for live listening, but to also share it later you need to choose a right codec in which to format the audio file. You should try to have the highest possible quality, but also a decent file size so that the person who wants to listen to your podcast doesn’t have to wait too long for the download.

The best part of podcasting is that you can talk about the topic you are best in. But even if you are not an expert you can still talk about that topic, because there is no-one who will tell you that you are wrong or something like that so you can even talk about running a country and there won’t be anyone to tell you if you make a mistake. Podcasting allows you to reach a community of people and exchange ideas and opinions with them. And of course not all the people who podcast do it just for fun. If you are really good at some topic or you have an ability to deeply talk about some topic you can even podcast for profit.

There are thousands of tools that allow podcast sharing. Almost all of them have podcasts sort in sections so the user can easily find his interests. The rating system is another good extra which shows you the best authors and podcasts. And all that you need to do to find these tools is to search for them on the web.

Looking to download and listen to podcasts on line? Check out fluctu8 for the best podcast directory site around. If your not a big fan of listening to podcasts online, you should look into download podcasts to your portable audio players.

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