Piano Lessons That Are Free On The Web

If you are a beginner, free piano lessons on the web will be well worth the effort of performing a small amount of research on the web. You will learn the basics at no cost. A private instructor will charge anywhere from $25 per hour or more to show you basic scales and chords.

Why pay for these basic lessons when you may learn within the comfort of your own home for no cost? And that is not all you can learn online.

Piano Chord Charts

If you’ve not learned every chord on your piano instrument, free online piano lessons will include chord charts to download and print out. No need to pay a visit to your local music store.

Interactive Videos

What greater way to find out about new songs than by watching a pro. Some free online piano lessons offer interactive videos you can play along with. Learn those improvisational skills!

Music Theory

If you are serious about playing, you will need to study some music theory, and these fundamental piano lessons are accessible to you at no cost as well.

Learn At Your Own Pace

By taking free online piano lessons, there is no pressure. Learn as fast or as slow as you choose, day or night. Select which beginners piano lessons you desire to practice. With traditional instruction you would have to follow your instructors lesson plans. Here you have freedom of choice!

Learn What You Want

Interested in blues? How about country? Do you desire to find out about some gospel music for a church? It is all there. You can study any genre that interests you, and by being diversified your lessons will never become boring.

Site Reading

Always wanted to learn how to read music? You can definitely uncover these lessons and plenty more with free piano learning lessons on the web. You will find fun, interactive ways to learn how to site read. Imagine being able to pick up any song book and play!

Play By Ear?

If you never got the hang of learning to read music, never fear. You may master the art of playing by ear using online piano lesson too. Being able to improvise and play along with friends is great fun. All it takes is learning a few secrets and tricks of the trade. You’ll learn from the pros how they do it.

No Time Like The Present

Get started today and be playing better tomorrow. Don’t procrastinate. The sooner you pick up these free lessons the better. They may not be around forever. Sooner or later they may start charging. Don’t miss the boat!

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