Packing For A Summer Vacation

You are heading off to a gorgeous beach to enjoy the sun and the water. The weather report says hot and sunny, but the area is known for thunderstorms in the summer months. Should you hope for the best and only pack for warm weather, or should you pack something warmer in case of storms?

Packing your attire can be difficult when trying to go to a new place. You don’t want to be caught unawares, but you don’t want to over pack, particularly if you’re headed to a good shopping spot too. All it takes is a little planning, and some clever use of the clothing you have packed.

You are probably planning on spending a fair amount of time on the beach if your hotel is seaside. Beach attire, such as sandals, shorts and swimsuits should account for most of the clothes you will be wearing during the day. Seaside resorts tend to be a lot more casual than inland areas, and if it is a popular holiday destination, they will be quite used to tourists wandering around in swimwear for most of the day.

If the evenings are warm, you can get away with a wrap and a strappy top, or a nice skirt. In case it gets chilly make sure you have a wrap to throw over your shoulders. A thin shawl will work as well, but it doesn’t double up over the swimsuit the next day. You can easily take shorts from day to evening by adding nice sandals and a belt.

Make sure to be prepared if it gets cooler by packing one or two warmer jackets, preferably water resistant. You should also bring some trousers, which will help if it cools down a little, and some pantyhose that will help even more if it gets cold. Jeans are always a good call and they are easy to dress up with a cute belt or sarong around your hips.

You can wear sarongs and bathing suits for both day and night and easily pack and wash and dry them. Mix and match so you don’t pack too many items, and remember that a few well chosen accessories can really dress up an outfit to take you from day to night without taking up much space in your luggage.

With the extensive weather reports found online nowadays, you should be able to see what the weather is likely to be for at least the forthcoming week. Of course weather reports can be wrong, so make sure you are prepared for any weather. If all else fails, you have a wonderful excuse to buy some of the local fashion!

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