New Zealand – A Place Where Love Accrue With Every Breath

If you are going to make your honeymoon extraordinary than believe me New Zealand is a perfect place to visit. New Zealand is a beautiful small country which is located in South Africa Ocean. The country is famous for its beautiful environment which involves wonderful glaciers, admirable rain forestland, mountain ranges, volcanoes & geysers, tranquil lakes, thunderous waterfalls and serpentine rivers. Due to its eye-catching surroundings and beautiful resorts New Zealand is the center of attraction. These all advantage of this country makes it the first choice of newly married couples.

When to go New Zealand

Every season in New Zealand has something special for you. I will say that the best time to visit New Zealand is the time which suits you. I am going to provide you some information regarding to New Zealand weather. You can decide it by your own. The summer starts from December and ends till middle of March. September and November are two month for spring. Autumn falls in March and May. Winter season starts from June. A temperature varies from 15 to 30 degrees in summers and 8 to 15 degrees in winters.

Where to go in New Zealand

There are many amazing places to enjoy some of them are described below:

1. North Island Auckland

It is one of the largest urban and suburban area which covers over 1.5 million of population. It has beautiful surroundings with attractive harbors and beaches. The city offers wonderful shopping galleries and museums also.

2. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful highway in New Zealand you have ever seen. Its journey begins with beautiful surroundings. The highway is covered with glorious mountains, rivers and volcanoes etc.

3. Wellington

It is a mind blowing city of New Zealand. The city is famous for its culture, arts, restaurants, theater, fashion and nightlife. Shopping facilities are excellent and hotels are too good to spend an excellent honeymoon vacations.

4. Stewart Island.

Stewart Island is a point of attraction in New Zealand. It is situated crossway to Foveaux Strait. Stewart Island is the third biggest island of New Zealand. We can be reached at Stewart Island by plane (travel time – 20 minutes), helicopter, or boat.

How to reach New Zealand

You can reach New Zealand either by air or by sea. Journey through air is the most easy and efficient way to reach there. Several airlines which fly into New Zealand are Malaysia Airlines, Air New Zealand, Pacific, Emirates etc.

I am sure that you will enjoy every bit of life in New Zealand, as it is a perfect place to impresses your spouse. It is country is full of natural beauty according to your expectation and also beyond your expectations.

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