Multiple Dog Breeds And Their Most Famous Qualities Known To Americans

There are many thousands of different types of dog breeds in the country today. Each breed has its’ own good things and bad things. The American Kennel Club is an organization that organizes canines together based on their uses and their behavior over the course of history. This article has information about five of the eight basic types of dog breeds based on the American Kennel Club groupings. For example, the terrier group is well-recognized for their high energy, so they would be ones that would get rid of something like a Northern Kentucky termite according to a Cincinnati termite website. In fact, some pest control companies even recommend dogs help extract annoying pests from the home. Below is a list of five canine groups along with some of their major characteristics:

1. The herding group of dogs is a breed that much prefers to be around their family and they have a good work ethic. These canines are a type of dog that does not like to be away from their pack. These dogs thoroughly enjoy to herd their family around the home or apartment all day every day. The herding group is also known to be extremely intelligent, since they were mostly bred to be able to outsmart cattle. The herders vary in terms of size size from small to large.

2. The toy dogs are known for their by many because of the small size. Chihuahuas and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are two well-recognized dogs that are a part of this breed. These dogs are seen a lot with those who live in a large city and those who may have smaller living quarters. This kind of animal does not shed as much and are by default, sometimes easier to train because they are smaller.

3. The terrier group is known, as mentioned above, for their massive amounts of energy. These dogs have a lot of energy and are not normally a good choice for people who do not have enough time to exercise them or for those who have smaller living arrangements. They are known to dig up or sniff out unwanted animals in that might be trying to invade the home, so they are great for those who have issues with other animals.

4. The sporting group is known to include retrievers, which are some of the very trendy dogs in the United States. This type of canine was bred for hunting, which means they are excellent swimmers and excellent dogs for fetching items. Some sporting dogs are just now trained to help humans with any kind of disability.

5. The working group is known to be the type of breed that makes sure their homes are kept out of danger. This group is also known for its’ great amount of smarts, which is partially why they make such great guard dogs. Finally, this breed is also the biggest kind of dog, so it is important for owners to be cautious about training this pet.

It is best for each potential dog owner to decide the kind of breed that is best for them before choosing a dog, so both the owners and the pets are happy.

Connor R. Sullivan read recently of a Northern Kentucky termite problem which is causing damage to area homes. He heard certain neighborhoods have a Cincinnati termite problem.

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