Motorcycle Accidents And Causes

The rate of accidents is higher in the case of motorcycles. The fatality rate is also higher with motorcycles. Most of the cases of accidents are when passenger vehicles are involved with motorcycles. Often it is found that many accidents are caused when other vehicles encroach into the path of motorcycles. The remaining accidents do not involve other vehicles. But rider error is the cause of such single vehicle accidents. These happen due to a variety of reasons such as slide-out, over-breaking, running wide or under-cornering on a curve at over speed. A few of the accidents do happen because of vehicle failure including a puncture flat. Roughly half the fatal accidents involve consumption of alcohol.

The extent of injury is more with the involvement of alcohol, size of the motorcycle and the speed. Protective barriers on the road such as the lamps, signs and fences are often the cause of injuries when the accident occurs. The motorcyclists crash on to these protective barriers after the accident resulting in injuries. Another inherent problem with the motorcycle is their relatively low visibility on the road making it difficult for other vehicles to spot the motorcycles.

There are the street, off-road and dual purpose motorcycles. Street bikes include scooters, mopeds and cruisers amongst others. These are what you find usually on the streets. Off road motorcycles are designed for racing and not for transportation or riding on the streets. The dual purpose motorcycles have features that make them allowable to be used on the streets while they are also used for motor racing. Scooters include gas scooters, electric scooters, mobility scooters, motorized scooters, and kick scooters.

Gas scooter is the most common on the roads. Some of the scooters include Honda, Peugeot, Piaggio, Puch, Suzuki, Vespa, Yamaha, Bajaj, TVS, and ZNEN. There are companies such as X-Treme who manufacture electric scooters such as X-Treme XB-420M, X-Treme X-500, X-Treme X-250, and X-Treme X-140; Gas motorcycle Moped as X-Treme XM-155; Gas Moped as X-Treme XM-160; gas motorcycle moped as X-Treme XM-50, gas scooters moped as X-Treme XM-150, electric moped motorcycle as X-Treme XM-4000Li and gas scooters as X-Treme XG 470 scooter. The most common scooter found on the roads is the gas scooter. They come in different models and brands such as Peugeot, Honda, Puch, Piaggio, Vespa, Yamaha, Suzuki, TVS, Bajaj and ZNEN. Companies such as X-Treme manufacture electric scooters as X-Treme X-500, X-Treme XB-420M, X-Treme X-140 and X-Treme X-250; Gas Moped as X-Treme XM-160; Gas motorcycle Moped as X-Treme XM-155; gas scooters moped as X-Treme XM-150; gas motorcycle moped as X-Treme XM-50; gas scooters as X-Treme XG 470 scooter and electric moped motorcycle as X-Treme XM-4000Li.

There has been a slow down in the global economy. Gasoline price has been steadily increasing over the years. Both these factors are driving people to consider motorcycle as a better choice in terms of fuel economy. Increased traffic congestion makes motorcycle a better option as they are able to move through these snarls better. The manufacturers of the motorcycles are coming out with better models with newer features.

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