MLM Tools A Must For Your MLM Business

Using tools to build your network marketing business is a must. Without the investment of tools, networkers risk the lack of quick growth that they will no-doubtedly experience. They will then see the inevitable downfall of their network marketing business. Most networkers rely only on their company-sponsored tools, however, a savvy few have thought outside the box and utilize tools that have certainly changed the way they do business!

So, ‘What are these fantastic tools’ you ask? I will list them below, however know that I will not be including company-sponsored tools, but they are also critical to your success. You need to invest in them along with the tools below! These tools are not used by the masses, therefore, to have any chance of success, you must be one of the savvier networkers and implement them today!

1. My Lead System Pro (MLSP). The bread and butter of any network marketing business is the prospect list. Without a list, an MLM business is dead in the water. Traditionally, network marketers are told to add two new prospects per day to our list that we have just met, been introduced to, etc. That said, the savvier network marketers understand that 2/day is the average and will keep you at an average, or less than average outcome. Adding 20, 30, 40+ a day is the ONLY way to reach financial success quickly and more efficiently in this profession. There are a lot of systems and tools online that offer lead generation, however, the #1 Lead Attraction Marketing System online did not get to #1 by not working. Ask most anyone inside of MLSP if they like it and you’ll get an earful! This is, by far, the best system out there for the money and when YOU implement the marketing strategies taught, you will be adding 30+ leads a day to your list within three months without batting and eye! Finding a leader inside of MLSP that can coach you on where and how to start is key! Choose someone who is a member, but isn’t utilizing the system, then you’ll be in the same position you are today!

2. Auto-Responders. Auto-responders are automatic emails that are sent to your online list as they join your list and remain there. I hear many people say, ‘I hate auto-responders. They are so impersonal.’ On the contrary! Auto-responders are a relationship builder with your list. Think about it. When you are bringing in 30+ leads a day (and let me just say, that is no hype), you will find it difficult to touch base with all of those leads. Some don’t leave phone numbers, so you are unable to call, but everyone leaves an email. A prospect must hear or see your name seven times before they associate you as being a friend. Auto-responders, when used correctly, can bring a prospect great value from YOU, which in turn, builds that sense of trust and likability. Why do people join you in a business? Because the know, like and trust you. NOT because you have the best compensation plan or product!

#3 – These last two tools pertain to two marketing strategies that I learned from scratch within MLSP. They are video marketing and article marketing. These two strategies have been a slam dunk for me, however, they wouldn’t be without the use of these two tools. First is Unique Article Wizard. This is a tool for those who write articles. When the articles are uploaded into UAW, the system then submits the article to hundreds of article directories depending on your niche market. For example, in the network marketing, home business niche, my articles are disbursed amongst 950+ directories. What does this mean? More people ‘happen’ onto my article which then has links to my website. Video marketing is also a strategy I use daily. I upload my videos to Traffic Geyser and

Those are just a couple of tools I will write about today. There are countless others that are used daily, however, these few are the ones that have had SIGNIFICANT impact on my own business. Without them, I’d still be grinding away at my business thinking I would build a global organization by getting two leads per day. I feel so fortunate to have listened to leaders who suggested these tools to me and implemented them daily! These tools are life-changing and I can only hope that more network marketers get out of the comfort zone and implement them daily!

Vidette Vanderweide is a network marketing expert and has been building organizations for 6 years. She is offering more information on these MLM Tools and also coaches network marketers to utilize these tools more adequately to generate 10, 20, 30+ leads/day in only a matter of weeks!

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