Minimize Your Exposure To Loss With Business And Security Systems

You have worked hard to build up your business. It is only natural that you would want to protect your assets and your people from loss or harm. Knowing your options for business and security systems can help you achieve those goals.

There are many ways that your business can be at risk. When you have people involved, whether they are employees or customers, you have to be concerned for their safety. On the other hand, it is often these very people who cause you the biggest risk to your business. They might steal product from you, vandalize your property, to do something that impacts your operation.

Before you can choose the right security for your business you need to understand your exposures, and the purpose for a system. In general terms, you have security to detect problems, observe people, monitor situations, and capture documentation of events. If this all works, you should be able to minimize your risk and avoid loss to your business

Intrusion detection is one of the many alarm systems that you should consider. This is an alarm system for your business that sounds when someone enters your business when they shouldn’t. The primary reason for intrusion detection is to scare burglars and other intruders away before they can do damage or steal from you.

If you prominently display signs that you have an alarm system that is monitored at all times, it might be adequate to scare some people away before trying to break in. If they choose to disregard your warning, the alarm sounding will usually shorten the amount of time the burglar will feel safe staying in your business, in fear of being caught. This can reduce what they are able to steal from you.

Another system, video surveillance, can work alone or in conjunction with the alarm system. By using cameras at strategic locations within your business you are able to monitor your customers, products and employees for theft or other fraudulent activity. The cameras of a surveillance system are usually tied to a device that can record the activity captured by them. In some situations, in addition to recording the activity, some companies will also monitor it live on video screens in a back room or at another location.

The benefits of a surveillance system include being able to capture on video someone in the act of trying to hurt your business by stealing products or money, or by trying to claim an accident that never happened which they claim caused them an injury. If your employees know that there are cameras watching everything, they will be less inclined to steal from you, and will often feel that they are being held accountable for their actions. Either way, it can’t hurt.

Placing restrictions on who can enter your place of business, or even certain areas of your business, is a form of security called electronic access control. It allows you to secure the most important areas of your company, and then decide who you will grant access to that area. The two components of an access control system are the device reader unit and the access code or card that you give to those people approved for entry. They must enter their code or card into the reader in order for the secured area to be accessible. This may not be appropriate for all companies, but even if it doesn’t fit your company in general, there may be appropriate applications of this technology for select areas of your business. An advantage of this system is that you have a log that details all people who entered each secured area.

If you implement some, or all, of these types of business and home security systems you are bound to see benefits to your company. You might be able to prevent burglaries, thus avoiding loss of product, time and money. By making your environment more secure, whether through surveillance or access control, you make it a safer place to work and conduct business. This can improve employee productivity and morale. In addition, if your employees know that there is a surveillance system, they will be less inclined to try to steal from your business, knowing that they are being watched. No matter what type of success you have with any of these systems, you can still benefit your bottom line by the reduction of expenses paid for insurance premiums, as many companies offer a discount if you have security measures in place.

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