Maui Bike Rental: The Island At Your Pace

Maui provides the active tourist with many sporty options such as hiking, snorkeling and biking. Take in some beautiful island scenery and mild weather with a Maui bike rental. You can get further, faster yet at your own speed to visit places like Kula Botanical Gardens. Stop whenever you want for whale watching or to explore Haleakala National Park.

Bike rentals are available for all abilities, from trained athlete to the beginner. Challenge yourself with some hill work or stay on the flat. This is your holiday, not a competition (unless you want it to be).

Van tours are now permitted to take visitors up to the top with their rented bicycles. Among the several bike rental establishments on the island, at least one offers a package including hotel pick-up and drop off with a heart pumping coast down Haleakala Volcano. Along the way make use of a cycling tour guide to help you find your way down safely. Before ascending, the team will ensure all cyclists have proper apparel including helmets, warm jackets and gloves. Though temperatures at sea level frequently reach the eighties, this is not always so at the top of the mountain.

Rental businesses offer daily or weekly rates. Tourists might consider reserving a bike in advance. Some provide discounts for early, on-line booking. Also consider group travel for a discount. Just read the fine print to make sure you know of any cancellation penalties.

Bikes available for rental include machines a pro would be proud to ride. Choose the one that gives you performance or comfort. Even arrange for a tandem or hire a trailer so you can bring younger cyclists along. If you like your bike, there may be a new or used one for sale.

If you want to drive to a cycling spot look for the business able to install a bike rack on your rental car. Staff should also make sure your bike is safe before you ride it. A good choice is the one that will clean and service a bike after the last client had it.

Businesses usually carry accessories for sale, rental or loan. These include all necessary clothing and safety gear like helmets and gloves. Ask about emergency repair kits, spare tubes and locks. Some shops sell a variety of snacks and drinks as well. Then, when you feel ready, strike out on a self-guided tour of this beautiful island.

maui bike rental

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