Market: A Semi-Eugenicist

Eugenics, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is the study of improvements to the human race by selective breeding. Eugenicists usually perform their experiments in a laboratory. They find the best genes, “breed them”, and put them together to make our living on earth less hassle. But because of the most meddlesome externality called the Sun, Eugenicists did not have a choice but to depend on other advocates of a hassle-free world- the Market.

The Market should not always be deplored for advertising and selling so many things. Besides, some (if not most) of the things it sell became helpful to the human race. One of their best products (not to mention the rival of the Eugenicists in terms of improving the eye) is the Sunglasses! How did this product solve the problem of the Eugenicists? The following is its story.

In the perspective of Evolution, we know for a (scientific) fact that every body part is important to our living. Let us take for example the eye. The eye is our window to the many things of the outside world. In relation to biology, let us not be hasty in accusing our eye of being innately flaccid for being vulnerable to the Sun because it actually comes in a “package”. Our three in one body part comes with eyelashes and eyebrows; like a three in one coffee. The eyelashes act as the immediate shield to the eyes when a valorous pebble wants to agitate it. The eyebrow on the other hand, takes care of a torrential sweat that is also a menace to our eyes.

With all the “add-ons” to our eyes, what could have it lacked? Our treatise of the eye showed that it underestimated the power of, (as I have said earlier) the Sun. Though Eugenicists have not discovered how to grow sunglasses biologically, the Market offered the sunglasses as an external product to mitigate the problem.

With their new competitive rival, Eugenicists should not be disheartened for not being able to breed genes for sun-proof eyes. Since the two parties are advocates of the same thing (though not necessarily solved in the same way), maybe they should not go for competition but cooperation for now; until of course, the Eugenicists will have the gene and be in vantage once again.

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