Making The Best French Onion Soup

If you are a vegetarian and are tired of eating vegetable onion soup because of the plain and boring taste, then you do not have to anymore. Your vegetable soup can taste just as deliciously as that prepared from meat and fish. Vegetarian soup can be made as flavorful as possible so that even if you are on diet, you can enjoy your soup just like everyone else.

However, you may find starting it quite a challenge. A few ideas here will help you start it off, and within no time, you will find that your soup can actually be transformed into a delicacy. In fact, anyone can eat it not just the vegetarians.

Every vegetarian would love their soup to taste like French onion soup, a delicacy that has been there for many years and still is the kind to crave for in many restaurants. You can explore new ideas of turning the French soup to your own delicacy in the kitchen by trying out different ingredients.

French soup is easy to make; all you need are the main ingredients: French onions and meat broth. However, if you feel you are not confident enough to make French soup then you will find some useful tips here to help you get started. French soup is known to be one of the most sought after soups because of its nutritious value and its tastiness. Create your won version by substituting the meat broth with vegetable broth and it will taste just as similar.

You can also try making your own vegetarian Chinese hot and sour soup by changing a few ingredients. Chinese soup is usually taken as an appetizer in China but can also be taken for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will need to a can of water chestnuts in a large pan, add vegetable soup.

If you are a lover of Chinese dishes, then Chinese hot and sour soup should be your best option. You will need a large sauce pan, add in a small can of water chestnuts and vegetable soup. Add tablespoonfuls of soy sauce and 4 dried special Chinese mushrooms that have been cut into fine strips and stir. Add bamboo shoots in thin strips and hot sauce and stir. Add cornstarch and let it boil for a few minutes. Add chili oil and toppings of scallions for a presentable aromatic taste.

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