Making Sodas Has Never Been Easier

Every home should have a Penguin soda maker in their kitchen. Why you might ask, because the Penguin soda maker changes everyday water into delicious soda with natural caffeine free flavors. To put it simply we change your water into soda.

The Unique Design of the Penguin Soda Maker.

The Penguin is small in size and actually shaped like a penguin. It is a beautiful countertop device mixing form and functionality. In seconds it will transform water into delicious soda. The Penguin uses renewable energy and has an exchangeable Alco2jet carbonator. The penguin soda maker will not only save you money on store bought sodas but will enable you and your whole family to enjoy more healthy tasteful sodas at home.

So What Makes The Penguin Soda Maker Special?

The Penguin soda maker is unique in that is has two 60 litre carbonators and two elegant, diswasher safe glass carafes. It is eco- friendly with its disposable bottles going to landfills. The penguins best feature you could say would be its ability to save you a fortune. A litre of penguin soda will cost you only 18 cents while soda from a store will cost you 42 cents. Can you imagine what this will save you in a year.

Penguin soda makers also allow the user to make flavored water. Their sodas are healthier then store bought brands as they contain way less sugar. Having a soda maker in the kitchen is kid safe as it works without electricity or batteries, its glass carafes are dishwasher safe and you can make a soda in 45 seconds makes this one of the best soda makers on the market.

I personally use the Penguin soda maker and I love it. I can choose the level of sweetness or intensity and nothing quite beats the feeling of being able to make a healthy soda at home.

Not forgetting the amount of money you will be saving each month. There should be no excuse why you can not have a healthy soda at home with Penguin Soda Maker. So, if you are a household that likes to have fizzy water or sodas, the Penguin Soda Maker is your answer and it’s a user-friendly machine and it makes much more sense to have it in your home. It is also value for money and a green product.

Want to find out more about Penguin Soda Makers, then visit our site on how to choose the best soda maker for your needs.

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