Make Your Own Homemade Survival Kit

If you make your very own personal, homemase survival kit, you can pretty much add what you think YOU will need in a survival situation.

For many people it is simply easier to purchase a ready made emergency kit, and then simply adding things to it, that you want to have in your pack.

By having a simple guideline or checklist to what you should stuff into your bug out bag or whatever you want to call it, you will be able to leave out what you know you might never use and replace it with more important items.

If you happen to live in the south you will not need much in the line of heavy clothes, blankets, etc, but you sure don’t want to forget the itch cream and bug spray!

That’s just an example. :)

If you can imagine yourself in several scenarios such as a flu epidemic, hurricane, economic collapse, citywide power outage, etc… it will help you know what to stuff into your bug out bag. You will want to prepare for at least 72 hours and ideally for at least 3 – 6 months.

Now, sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself going thru every step of LIFE in that scenario and it will help you prepare your homemade survival kit better!

REALLY Basic Survival Kit List!

It is not much more than about a 72 hour survival list for several people.

2 large garbage bags (shelter or rain gear) OR 10’x10′ sheet of plastic 100′ parachute cord Emergency space blanket Metal cup (for cooking) Jello Lighter 2 candles Knife Whistle Compass Flashlight Stocking cap Spare socks

I did not add any kind of survival weapons to this list. There are several types of survival knives and survival rifles that can be added to any emergency pack. Especially the knives.

A good survival knife is a HUGE asset to any homemade survival kit.

Viola Bontrager is the author of hundreds of survival and emergency preparedness articles, including how to make your own homemade survival kits. Make sure you grab the most detailed checklist for homemade bug out bags we have ever seen.

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