Letting Your Office Furniture Speaks For You

When it comes to the furniture you put in your office you have a lot of choices. We are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but we still do. The same is true for office furniture. You can tell a lot about the quality and style of the business by the furniture they choose to place in their office. You may want to consider what your furniture is saying about your office.

If you have an office that is looking a little shabby your business may be lacking. This is especially true if you have an office that the public visits regularly. It is even depicted in movies and television. Say you see an office that has an old beat up desk, papers everywhere with an old lamp that doesn’t match. Next to it may be a bookshelf that doesn’t match and outdated pictures on the wall. Once this is in your mind you visualize it being the office of an over worked CPA or perhaps a second rate private detective.

If you walk into an office that is well put together then you imagine that the business is doing well. It may be a lie but the company is putting off the image that they are in business and doing well. The same can be said for your office and you do not have to spend a lot of money in your upgrade if you do it in a smart and economic way.

Look at your office and see what it is saying about your success rate. If you look more like a cheap detective and less like a successful company it may be time to upgrade. Check out the reality of your look and ask for help if you need to.

If you discover that your office is not representing you in the manner that you want to be represented then it may be time to upgrade your look. You do not have to sell the farm to upgrade the office furniture you have. Just find some new to you furniture or upgrade the basics.

Gently used or refurbished furniture is a great way to upgrade your look and not spend a fortune. You also can use all the expense of the upgrade on your yearly tax returns as a write off. This may be a good time to do so. Or, you can hold onto this write off for up to three years. If you are struggling now, you may want this when times get better and you need deductions.

There is also the option of finding office furniture from a company that has already decided to close shop. Many times they are really trying to get rid of the pieces they have. Many times you can find matching pieces for next to nothing in price. This helps them and you at the same time. If they do not get rid of their inventory then they have to simply discard it or store it. Most companies going out of business do not want to go for the storage option and just want to dispose of the physical property.

Visualize what your business can be and then take a look around and see if your office furniture is saying the same thing. You can have a successful look that brings you success if you promote yourself to the level of look that you want your customers to see. Check out refurbished and used furniture to stay in budget and get your office looking the way you want it to be.

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