Kitchen Design And Renovation Ideas That Are Great

When you decide to renovate your kitchen, there are many things that must be thought of in order to come with a great design i.e. the size of your kitchen is important. But most of all, your budget plays an important role in the renovation. You can design your kitchen yourself, or you can have a professional designer do it, but either way there must be some thorough planning. Thorough planning does not just save time, it saves money as well. You will have to consider the things you now have in your kitchen and what you will need in your new kitchen.

When designing your kitchen, keep in mind that kitchens are generally redesigned only once or twice in a lifetime. Therefore, make you design one that will last. It should be modern yet elegant in such a way that the design can be updated over many years.

Kitchen Functions

Consider the kitchen function and how it applies to cooking, cleaning and storage. Storage is important; and there should be enough cabinets and a refrigerator for the purpose of storing food and other kitchen items. Think of having a large sink for cleaning pots and pans as well as other things and consider a dishwasher for clean dirty dishes.

The kitchen is where you prepare and serve the meals, and for that reason you should have an island where you will have the ingredients for the recipes you make; a stove that is not in line with the refrigerator and a counter or table for serving the food.

The work triangle is the classic kitchen design used by professional designers. This design cuts down on the needless steps that will otherwise be used when cooking. This design takes into consideration the three appliance most often used in the kitchen; the sink, stove and refrigerator. These appliances are not places in a line, one next to the other. Instead, they are placed in a triangle.

Consider the floor For flooring in the kitchen, you can use wood parquet or ceramic tiles. Although these are more expensive, they can last for years before they will have to be replaced. Vinyl is also used on kitchen floors.

What About The Walls? When you paint the walls, consider a neutral color. Although you may think that a neutral color is boring, but the color is not trendy and will compliment any changes that you may want to make in kitchen decor in the future. You can hire a professional painter to make designs that are unique but again, consider your budget.

Appliances To make the most of the kitchen space, buy your kitchen appliances to fit the space you have allotted for them. If you place the old stuff in the new design, this can cause a problem with your kitchen design. If your budget does not have room for new kitchen appliances, then you will have to work around the old appliances to make the design work.

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