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Charlotte was inconsolable. Her wedding was two weeks away and her guy had called it off. She begged him to come back, but he wouldn’t hear of it. It was too late to rescue the wedding she had planned for years. Humiliating notes of regret had to be sent to guests along with dozens of wedding gifts. A lot of money had been spent on a beautiful gown and all that goes with it as well as service providers that refused to return down payments.

Her parents weren’t shocked. They had tried to teach her from childhood that she wasn’t exactly a queen to whom everyone should bow, but hadn’t been entirely successful. It was her right, she felt, to blow up if things didn’t go her way, to order people around and make life unhappy for anyone who didn’t march the way she instructed.

Eventually she met another and married, but Charlotte hadn’t learned from her mistakes, and what chased her first guy away chased the second away, too. Her husband couldn’t stomach her temper tantrums and controlling nature any longer. Their kids were old enough to manage without his having to live in the house with this miserable woman, he thought.

Charlotte no longer had him there to wait on her constantly and take her orders. He wasn’t on hand to do the cleaning, cooking, yard work, making sure the kids had clean clothes, taking care of them when they were sick and doing their homework with them. Despite her pleading, it was too late to save her marriage. She had to cancel her weekly bridge games, tea parties and movie going with her girlfriends. Charlotte was one confused little girl in an adult woman’s body. She needed to grow up but she didn’t know how.

Once we were providing sort of a halfway house for a woman, who had committed a crime. She soon would go through the legal trial that would decide her fate. While we were talking one day, I dropped a half gallon of milk on the kitchen floor. I made no mention of it while I got some towels and cleaned it up. Suddenly I realized that she was staring at me. “What?” I asked. “I just, that is….” she stammered, “that was good for me to see. I would have been cussing and yelling if I’d done that.”

It’s that immaturity that got her into trouble – and yes, she did go to prison. You may never have acted like a spoiled child who responds viciously when she doesn’t get her way. Some women are like that, though. You’d think they’d get a clue after they’ve driven one man after another away or when they wonder why their guy doesn’t say, “I love you,” anymore. Understand that bad behavior really is baby stuff.

It isn’t easy. We know that. Some women just don’t know how to become grown-up. When they come to us with the plea, “Can you help me save my marriage?” or “How can I get my boyfriend back?” we ask very pointed questions and sometimes have to end up saying essentially: It’s time for you to grow up, Girls. Then, if they are willing to learn, we teach them how.

You’ll discover a lot of what we tell them in our books and material written just for women We’re dedicated to help you save your marriage and/or your relationship. Happiness, the strength of our society, and the basis of the freedoms we enjoy rest a lot on family dynamics. Marriages need to be saved, strengthened and turned into factories of love and respect.

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