Installing the Perfect Koi Pond

Some front yard landscaping consists of flowerbeds, trees, fountains and other pretty decorations. Another landscaping touch will be to add a koi pond. You can set up the perfect koi pond yourself without having to pay a professional. Koi ponds are different from the water gardens because not a lot of plant life can be grown with the koi. There are some plants that koi do eat. Koi have a tendency to get quite large so it is best to build your pond a little larger. When it comes to pond size, the bigger you make it the better. When considering pond size, you will also have to take into consideration the amount of koi you will be putting in it.

When you have planned the perfect environment for your koi, it will be time to go pick the koi out. You do not want to buy too many of them since they do get rather large. Koi breed almost yearly so if you overpopulate them, this will cause some issues later. When bringing in new koi you will need to quarantine them for viruses or illnesses like the koi herpes virus which shows little to no symptom. Quarantining the new koi will cut down your chances of exposing your fish population to a potentially deadly situation. Run weekly water tests so you will notice anything wrong in the test results way before your pond starts showing stress symptoms.

Feeding your koi can be very exciting. The amount to feed them as well as what types of food they need can be advised by your local pet store. Their feeding patterns change with the seasons and temperatures. You can feed your koi fruit, bread, veggies and treats from the store. These fish can actually be trained to eat right from your hand. This training does take time and some patience but in the end it provides great entertainment to all.

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