How To Treat Migraine Headaches Properly

Migraine headache is onset when the blood vessels in your brain enlarge resulting in the stretching of nerve fibers around them. These nerve fibers when stretched release chemicals into your blood that provokes the pounding pain commonly known as migraines.

Nausea, diarrhea, fainting spells are common occurrences with Migraine. The victims also suffer find it difficult and painful to endure bright lights, sounds. Migraine can be provoked by sleeplessness, tension, work situations, tiredness and anxiety.

In fact many victims of migraine begin to isolate related causes that bring on a migraine attack, helping them adjust lifestyles and situations to minimize the occurrence of such headaches. Migraine headache treatment is best handled with preventive measures.

You must first identify and figure out the factors that causes a migraine and ensure these factors are minimized in your daily life. For instance if skipping meals provoke these headaches, make sure you always have a full meal or carry snacks with you in case you are likely to skip a meal. For example migraines that are caused by sleeplessness can be effectively cured by a deep sleep in a quiet, dark room. Other such measures can also help to bring down the frequency of the attacks.

Migraine headache treatment largely revolves around preventive measures. Smoking, bright lights, chocolates, caffeine are known provokers of this pain and hence should be avoided as far as possible. Acupuncture helps relieve pain. Acupuncture refers to identifying key points in your body and jabbing these points with needles.

Medication is also available but these mostly help with mild cases only. These analgesics are just pain relievers and do not really treat the problem at the root level. These analgesic may be either acetaminophen based medication commonly known as Tylenol or anti-inflammatory drugs that are non steroidal in nature commonly referred to as NSAIDS like Ibuprofen.

NSAIDS role in migraine headache treatment works by reducing the inflammation that provokes the headache. Corticosteroid drugs also reduce inflammation but these drugs contain steroids and are potentially unsafe for regular human consumption.

Moreover corticosteroids drugs take a longer time to act than NSAIDS. Another common drug used for migraine headache treatment is Triptan. However this drug must be administered with caution as it can bring on a heart attack or stroke in persons with poor heart conditions.

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