How to Find the Right Hedging Plant for Your Home

Finding ways to improve the curb appeal of our homes is number one on many people’s list of home improvements. Front yard landscaping may be as simple as planting a few flowers or as large as redoing your entire front yard. Hedges can be used to improve your curb appeal as well as secure your privacy. In order to find the right hedging plants for your home follow the steps outlined below.

Decide Where You Will Place the Hedge

When developing the curb appeal of your home, you will want to decide where you are going to place your hedge. Do you want it just along the boundary lines between your neighbors on both sides? Do you want it across your front yard to keep people, dogs and children from wandering into your yard? Hedges work as fences to keep things in and out. Also just as there is a privacy fence, there are also privacy hedges. After deciding which part or parts of your yard are to be hedged, you can then decide on a hedge type.

Decide What Type of Hedge Plant to Use

When planning to add hedging to your front yard landscaping, you need to decide what type of hedge will work best in your situation. There are a few hedges that are recommended for this type of landscaping. There is leylandii hedging, laurel and photinia hedging. Each of these hedges is evergreens meaning they do not lose their leaves in the fall which makes them ideal hedges for all seasons. The leylandii and laurel hedging may get up to fifteen feet tall which is just right for those who want privacy. Photina grows up to twelve feet in height and is very dense which means it also works well for privacy.

Plant Your Hedge

Once you have decided on a hedge type, it is then time to start planting. Hedges for front yard landscaping can be found at any home improvement store. You will need to decide how many hedge plants to buy and to do this; you must first take some measurements. Depending on what you decided in Step number one, start measuring the distance from one end to the other for each line of hedging you will need. Plant the hedges according to the instructions included with each plant. The three hedges mentioned above grow very thick and full so keep this in mind if you have chosen either of them for planting. You want your hedge to be thick enough so that no intruders can penetrate it. So go out and plan you hedge and get started on it. Now is the best time to get your front yard landscaping all spruced up for the summer.

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