How Do I Go About Dating Russian Girls?

There are billions of people on the planet Earth. Billions. And of those billions of people half of them are women. So, it’s perfectly natural for you to have a favorite kind of woman. With as many of them out there as there is, how could you not? Dating Russian girls is as good an option as any.

Different kinds of women like different things and those from Russia are not exempt from this rule. Because Russia is considered a “harder” country these women may want a bit more aggression in their men than in “softer” countries. Russian woman have to deal with harsh, cold climates, so they are often seen as softer themselves. Their skin is frequently paler and their hair grows in thick, another layer of protection from the cold.

Now, when you say that you want to date Russian females you might mean that you want to date women who are actually living in Russia. The internet is a wonderful thing that allows you to do this with very little effort. Cruising the net in general will probably land you a few diverse conversations but for specific women you should probably head to Russian sites.

But don’t think that just knowing which websites to go to will be enough. No matter where or how you try to pick up girls you have to understand that you’ve got a lot of competition out there. Brushing up on your social skills will help you immensely. You wouldn’t want to speak to a woman who was uncouth and ignorant. Neither do they.

“Vwy ponymayatu paruski?” Don’t know what that says? Well then, you probably need to brush up on at least the most basic of Russian communication. It always helps to speak the language of the women you want to attract.

While you’re trying to learn a little bit of Russian you should learn more about the country where your dream girl lives. Learn the history and costumes of their homeland. Everything you learn will help you in the end. A woman will appreciate the time and effort you took to “get” not only them but the things important to them.

Now, you can learn all of the Russian you want but the sad truth of the matter is that physical attraction plays a part in dating as well. If you want a quality woman you have to be a quality man. Work on bettering yourself. You don’t have to be a model in order to get a good date but no one wants to be with a slob either.

Stereotypes aren’t your friend. Don’t think that every Russian person in the country likes vodka. Have you ever known a black person who didn’t like watermelon or an Asian person who didn’t like sushi? Well, of course you have. Russian people aren’t any different. Even if a large majority DOES, not all of them do.

Dating Russian girls can be a rewarding adventure. You realize you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort but really it’s no more than you would have to put in if you were dating any other woman. Women are impressed by a lot different things but the one thing we’re all impressed by is effort.

Russian girls for love and marriage

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