Health Club Sign-Up : Tips And Advice

If you’re thinking of signing up to a health club, what sort of questions do you intend to ask? You shouldn’t just sign up without knowing what’s involved, so we’ve put together some things for you to consider. Firstly, what fees are involved? Do you have to pay each month or just when you go to the health club? Is there a joining fee? Be wary of signing up for long contracts – if you want to get out, it may be tough if not expensive.

If you work from home or are available throughout the day, you may like to visit the health club during these hours. It’s often much quieter and you can do what you want to do without any stress or hassle. If you can only attend in the evenings and weekends, however, it’s likely to be much busier. Check the health club’s opening times and make sure all the facilities will be open to you at the times when you want to make use of them.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say, but health and safety is far more important still. Ask the health club how often their equipment is cleaned. If they clean it fewer than two or three times a day, steer clear. You don’t want to be covered in other people’s sweat and bacteria. Make sure the machinery is regularly checked and inspected too. Damaged or unmaintained gym equipment can seriously injure users. Cardio machines in particular tend to break often, so ask what their turnaround time for repairs is.

Are the trainers fully qualified? What certifications do they hold? If you don’t know what the qualifications mean, look them up online. You’re looking for long-term qualifications here; not weekend courses or online certificates. A degree level qualification in a related subject (exercise physiology, athletic training) is desirable. You need to ensure that someone hired to advise you on health and exercise matters is fully qualified to do so. Would you go to a GP without being sure he or she was actually a doctor?

Ensure you understand the cancellation policies and ask your health club what will happen if and when you want to stop being a member of the club. What about if you go on holiday or get injured? Can you cancel without incurring any penalties if you move house? Make sure you know what you’re signing up for and that you’re able to cancel your contract should you wish to without having to pay penalties or fees to do so.

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