Handmade Furniture will outlive the owner

The Chinese sweatshop production line has allowed the range of furnishings and other interior style elements to be cluttered with crazily cheap imports to Australia. Australian consumers have been lapping up the self assembly kind purchases for several years but the low quality and consistancy has always been a problem. Meanwhile the Custom made furnishings industry in Brisbane has contracted as master craftsmen with abilities honed more than generations fail to compete against the chinaman and his mass produced factories. Nevertheless those masters of their trade that have survived have have turned out to be very sought after to create high quality furniture made by hand, created to outlive their owner and created to be a function of your house.Enjoying a custom made coffee table in brisbane is a moment of luxury.

It takes years to perfect the kind of skill that can produce graceful curves and stunning arches by manual labour, some thing a machine can try to copy but never match. Only a human hand can produce that extra mojo that you simply find in some thing made with love and attention to detail that functions with the natural personality of timber to create a piece of art- that is why antique pieces continue to command a powerful following – from people who enjoy visual pleasure with a stamp of real timber.

Of course economics requires the presence from the reproduction market serving customers in various price ranges but I’m continually surprised that even at the extortionate costs at the higher finish of the market , companies make gaudy copies of antique furniture from veneered mdf and plywood with the lame excuse that ‘chippendale would have utilized mdf if it had existed in his day’. I don’t believe so – sure inert wood provides stability in our age of central heating but it is the normal movement and vibe of real timber that we adore and creates something special that we wish to palm down over generations.

Reproduction furniture is good from a distance even though in the less expensive finish from the market it just does not appear right. But look closely at the way the finsh, the way in which drawers are jointed – is there hand dovetailing? Do the shelves use handcarved dog tooth racking? How are the carvings made and applied? How does it hold collectively as being a piece overall – does it have the important ‘unity of being’ that all fantastic furnishings has?

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