Guide to Building Your Own Outdoor Shed

Building your own outdoor shed may be a little easier than most people think. There are a lot of shortcut techniques that make this a fun project. One of the major benefits to building your own shed is that it will double your home property value. You will have extra storage space also. This project can be done in a weekend or two. When you are preparing to build your own shed, you will need to see if a permit is required. If it is under a certain size, you may not need a permit. When you know where you will be building your shed, you will need to select a plan. Next, make a list of the materials you will need according to your plan. Calculate your estimations. Buy as little as you possibly can because you may be able to rent or borrow other tools you may not have.

Prepare your ground area by removing any type of debris or foliage that may be in the way. It is better to use stakes and a string when marking your shed layout. Keep measurements to ensure your layout is even. Measure from corner to corner. If you have concrete, you can install it now. Your plan should have instruction on how to install the floor band, the girders and the joists. Keep within the guidelines for your local building size and floor component codes. As you go along with the foundation, make sure your floor remains level and square. You can use plywood to cover the floor frame structure. Each wall should be framed individually. When framing the walls, you will need to remember to allow any openings for doors or any windows you may want on your shed. You are now ready to raise your walls up in place and use nails or screws to secure them to the floor. When you have them up, you can attach them to each other at the corners. Make sure when you connect the walls together they have a good contact. You can use scrap pieces of lumber and install it on the exterior of the frame.

Your rafter units can be built on the ground. You can cross race them if you need to. Use nails or screws to secure them good. Plywood can be installed on the outside of the building. Go ahead and build the rafters either on the ground so that they will be set in place, or build them in place one by one. They can be cross braced and secured. Once you apply your plywood, you can install the tar paper and roof shingles as according to your plan. If there is any other exterior wall sheathing that need to be done go ahead and complete it. A ridge vent can be installed as an option. Go around and do a quick inspection to make sure you have no roof leaking.

You can install your doors and window last and if you have any steps, you may construct them now also. Now that your shed is up, you can paint the outside or put up siding if you desire. Painting may require that you prime the wood. If you have nail holes or gaps, you can caulk them prior to painting.

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