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Whether you are planning on hiring someone else or doing your own lawn care Calgary, there are some things you should know that can save you trouble and help your yard look better than ever. There are pluses and minuses for either choice.

You get to save cash if you do it on your own, and you get the benefits of exercise. In fact, it might turn into more savings if you are getting enough exercise to cancel your membership to the gym. If you get a landscaping service to do it for you, you’ll enjoy the convenience and more leisure time.

When you are searching for a company to provide lawn care, you both need to spell things out, to be sure you are on the same page, and no false assumptions are being made. If a written contract is involved, it is crucial that you understand each part of it, indeed, every word of it. Ask for clarification if you do not understand something, and actually write down the explanation that you are given, on the contract itself. This is good to do for any contract you enter, in case their is a dispute, later.

You need to agree upon specific protocols in advance. For instance, what about the grass clippings? Is it important that they collect them, either by raking, after mowing, or with their equipment, as they mow? Do you expect them to periodically weed and/or mulch?

If they bill you every time they mow, you may have your lawn cut when it is not yet required. If you are billed at a flat rate for a certain length of time, you may have your grass grow higher than you are comfortable with. Tell to your prospective companies about how to avoid these issues. The conversation, alone, will alert them to the fact that you are not one who is easily exploited.

You can stipulate that they should not mow without confirmation from you, every time. You can also inform them that if your lawn needs cutting and they have not checked with you yet, that you will call them.

Or, you could tell them to just mow it every two or three weeks, or once a month, etc. The downside to that is, depending on the amount of rain, you might get your yard mowed when it does not need it, or you could have really high grass, compared to your neighbors.

No matter who is doing the work, you or a service provider, do not cut your grass too short. Sure, it requires more work or money to not crop it short, but it makes for a much more healthy lawn. The roots of the grass grow deeper and there are many less weeds as well. This advice is especially important in the summer months when there is much less rainfall.

Fertilizer that is organic is preferred over synthetic, nitrogen based products. Early autumn is a great time to do it, especially after a heavy rain. You should rake before applying it, even if you don’t have leaves. This information should be of help in your quest for lawn care Calgary.

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