Government Wants New Generation Of Plumbers

Regime ministers have an interest in plans to help kids to study practical lessons and train for careers as workmen. The London Evening Standard has let slip that a program drawn up by Lord Baker, which suggests that young student’s find out more about vocational abilities rather than entering main line education, has received important backing.

Under the scheme, scholars aged 12 and 13 will be presented with the chance to leave the traditional college system and learn practical skills like plumbing, joinery and bricklaying at new university-sponsored universities. Pupils in the varsities will study plumbing courses, electric courses and bricklaying courses in the morning and learn normal subjects like English, maths and science in the afternoons.

Lord Baker informed the Standard that this was significant for Britain to coach children thru practical courses as there are several countrywide projects that may suffer with a talents lack in future times. He said to the paper : “We are immensely short of technicians. If we’re going to build nuclear power stations, high speed rail links, Crossrail and wind farms, we need technicians.”

Lord Baker announced that Britain should follow Germany’s example and invest more in technical universities to appeal to scholars who are disgruntled with educational subjects and wish to have a more practical-based approach to education. Skills Minister John Hayes said to the newspaper it was vital for Britain to supply a student route into vocational careers which receives the same support as the trail into school.

“I’m awfully fascinated by what Kenneth Baker has claimed. We have got an extremely clear educational trail which we respect. We need a vocational trail which is just as rigorous,” he informed the Standard

The newspaper reported how star student Natasha McDonald selected to sign up for plumbing courses in spite of achieving high grades at college. Natasha McDonald got A-grades at GCSE but became plumber and latterly won the Edge charity’s vocational student of the year award. She informed the Standard that although she was academically gifted she felt that she was more fitted to more effective lessons outside of the conventional college environment.

“I didn’t like sitting in class the whole day. I had to do something hands-on,” Ms McDonald told the newspaper. Ms McDonald has used the skills she learned on plumbing courses to renovated social housing for Homes for Haringey. Lord Baker, who was Margaret Thatcher’s education secretary, plans to create up to 100 University Technical Colleges, each with 600 pupils.

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