Going To Hong Kong During The Perfect Climate

Many times when people go to a location that they are unsure of, such as Hong Kong, there is a great possibility that they will need some traveling tips! Lucky for you, there are many tips!

For many people, they have a key destination of Hong Kong. When going on your exploration, you will find that Hong Kong has a population of over seven million people; which are scattered over 200 islands! Hong Kong is located in Asia, which is near China and the China Sea. However, it was formerly leased to Great Britain; but was then returned to China in 1997. Today, Hong Kong offers great diversity in their lifestyles, cultures, religion, as well as their climate!

In Hong Kong, Chinese and English are the official languages spoken. Therefore, if you are planning to visit; you should have no problems since English is spoken amongst many! However, the currency is the Hong Kong dollar; one American dollar equals roughly 7 Hong Kong dollars.

Another thing that Hong Kong is known for is the energetic vibe, its beautiful skylines, and all the wonderful food. When traveling to Hong Kong, it is best to bring a camera, so that you can capture all the beauty in everything as well as having a memento when you get back home. Hong Kong also offers wonderful shopping districts that are at the end of Shanghai, London, and Paris streets. However, many people find that the best places to shop are at all the unique shops and markets; in which display the charm of the locals. When buying things, it is best to always look around to compare prices; especially when there is no sales tax!

When going around Hong Kong, the best is to get an Octopus payment card; it allows you to go anywhere. Also, it can be used on any of the public transportation systems; except for the taxis. The Octopus payment card can even be used in restaurants, convenient stores, fast food places, and vending machines.

When visiting Hong Kong, some of the best places to check out are:

* The Hong Kong Island, which is the most urbanized district; and also the heart and soul of the city.
* Kowloon, which is the most populated cities in the world; along with having the most gorgeous views of the skylines.
* Disney Land in Hong Kong, which is located in Lantau Island; it is the third international sight for the Disney theme park.

Along with many of the known sights, there are many unknown things as well; such as all the natural landscaping that can be seen! With all the many things to choose from, a person can never get bored!

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