Gardening Tips for Landscaping a Slope or a Hill

If you have a yard that includes a slope or hillside, it is possible to make it a natural part of you homes landscaping. Deciding how to proceed with beautifying your hillside can be a challenge. Some hills are so steep that they may need a retaining wall in order to keep them in place. Another big factor in slopes and hillsides is the possibility of erosion. Landslides and mudslides are caused when vegetation and trees are removed from hillsides. If you are a novice it is best to consult with a landscape architect to get ideas on how to proceed with your hillside landscaping.

Gather Hillside Landscaping Ideas

As mentioned above, if you are a novice you should consult with someone who knows how to proceed with landscaping a hillside. Information about hillside/slope landscaping can be found in books and/or magazines pertaining to this subject. You may want to visit your local library to find books on hillside landscaping. If you have neighbors with the same kind of hillside as you and their landscaping is finished, ask them how they did it. Knowledge is always a confidence builder and the more knowledge you have about the subject, the more confidence you will have to begin your project.

Begin the Landscaping Project

Once you have gathered all the knowledge you can pertaining to hillside and/or slope landscaping, you are now ready to begin. Any vegetation you remove from the hillside must be replaced with other vegetation. Finding ground covers that suppress weeds and fight soil erosion are your best choice. Many of these ground covers also give color and beauty to your hillside. The ground covers that provide foliage as well as flowers are recommended. That way when the ground cover is done blooming, you will still have the beautiful foliage to look at. Another good idea is to put down landscape fabric before planting your ground cover. This will give an added protection to help fight soil erosion.

Maintain the Landscaping on Your Slope or Hill

When you have completed your hillside landscaping, you will then need to maintain it. If the rainfall has created any ruts or erosion in the hillside consider adding a dry creek bed in these ruts. By adding river rock to the hillside, you will create a place for the water to gather and run down the hill without eroding the soil. Whatever your choice in landscaping your hillside, it is a sure bet you will be happy with what you have done. Taking a once ugly hillside and making it a beautiful landscape is very satisfying.

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