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How often have you been asked from your child for the latest games console? Most children these day’s don’t realise just how good they have got it. All parents will see where I am coming from when your child begs for the latest must have gadget.

There is a website which now offers parent’s the chance to claim any of the latest games consoles or latest gadget for their child. Freebiejeebies has set up an affiliate website which you can join which allows you the consumer to claim anything from ipods to the latest iphone 4 all for free.

By using affiliate advertising they are able to givea way these great gadgets to anyone in the country’s listed, this works because they use the affiliate system which generates commission from each consumer who joins and completes one of the offers listed.

Depending which country you reside, the offers very. Most country’s are allowed to join freebiejeebies.

To receive your free gift from them, you are to start with required to submit your full name and address. You are also asked to supply a working verified email address, these are required to contact you and supply your free gift.

The most popular offers people tend to choose are the free trials, these are simple trials such as renting movies or games from big company’s such as LOVEFiLM or GameFly. The requirements of these trials vary but most just require you to rent at least 1 free movie or game during the trial.

If you chose a iPod as you free gift then you will be required to then collect three more credits, other gifts require more or less credits depending which you decide on.

To collect credits for most people is simple, and more often than not taking only a few weeks to complete. When you look at the time involved and the free gift you are claiming this is not much of a task to finish.

There are rules which must be followed and not broken which you can read within your account, but the main rules are as follows: you must not allow anyone else from the same household to sign up. You must not allow anyone else to use your computer or internet connection to join this includes your wireless network. proxy connections to freebiejeebies are also not allowed.

To protect the system from fraud and to make it fair for all involved you must stick to these rules, the company’s who work with freebiejeebies are strict but fair to follow.

Join Freebiejeebies, now and start claiming great free gagdets such as a free iphone .

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