Family Values Are The Top Priority For Russian Women

Russian women are well known for their beauty. This is because it is customary for them to make an effort to look attractive for the men in their lives. However, this aspect forms only part of their overall system of values. Their first call of duty is to be a good wife and mother, and a well respected member of society.

Single women make a great deal of effort when it comes to finding a husband. This is because there are many more unmarried women than men. To find a good man is not easy, and keeping one is also not easy. As such, women are very conscious of their appearance, even after marriage.

It is not often that you will see a woman leaving her home without wearing smart clothes, make-up and a nice hair style. Because they don’t eat big meals, most women are slim. They also have well-toned bodies and are very fit because they walk a lot. In Russia, it is rare to see a woman driving a car.

If possible, they make their own dresses and grow their own food. This is even more important if the couple does not have a lot of money. Women are quite happy to accept such a situation gracefully. It can be said that a Russian woman is her own make-up artist, dietician, stylist, personal trainer and designer.

Family is of paramount importance. For a woman to have social status, she must be married and have children. This supersedes the importance of a career. A woman is looked down upon if she has never been married. Therefore, a woman can only be defined as successful if she conforms to these requirements.

They are not scared of hard work, but most women try to find a husband who is wealthy. Not only will she earn a lot of respect, but she will feel secure in the fact that her husband can adequately provide for her and their children. This is why numerous women in Russia are married to men older than themselves.

They devote so much time and effort to their families, forsaking any desire for their own careers. This is largely due to the fact that women are still subject to discrimination in the workplace. A man will usually be given preference over a woman, despite her capabilities or qualifications. The business sector also expects wives to consider their husbands and children as the first priority.

A Russian wife will rather help her husband to build his career and forgo her wants and needs. For example, if the couple only has enough money to pay for one person to study, the wife will gladly let her man take the opportunity to further his qualifications. However, if the family needs a second income, she will be quite happy to work.

If a wife does work, she will feel very uncomfortable if her income is bigger than that of her husband. Although it might appear that they feel inferior to men, this is far from the truth. Russian women do not like being ordered around. They consider marriage as a partnership between two equals and they demand appreciation and respect.

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