Fair Trade Goods Offer Many Advantages

Many people have an appreciation for beautiful, unique artwork, but few people are aware of the costs that go into making these crafts. Many of the artisans who make these stunning works of art, are frequently exposed to unjust working conditions and obligated to work for very little pay. Fortunately, a movement called fair trade has begun trying to to alter this abuse. Fair trade craftspeople make everything from handmade bags to leather journals and are treated justly and adequately compensated for their work. By doing this, many people benefit from their skills: consumers receive a unique, well-made product, and artisans receive fair compensation for their hard work.

It is very unfortunate that there are so many people worldwide who must work under terrible conditions to produce beautiful works of art. This exploitation takes place in all over the globe, including numerous areas in Africa, South America, and Southeastern Asia. Oftentimes such individuals labor twelve hour days, seven days per week to provide for their families. Oftentimes their workplaces are dirty and unsafe. Unfortunately, even children are oftentimes made to work under such conditions. At the end of these long, hard days of labor, these workers are sent home with nowhere near the amount of the pay that they should receive for their work.

However, there is good news for these workers. Many people in America are beginning to promote and support an ideal called fair trade. Under this movement, corporations from the United States who are in favor of these concepts will only purchase goods from artisans who are exposed to clean working environments and are adequately paid for their work. Not only does this encourage companies worldwide to adopt the ideals of fair trade, but it also benefits the economies of the areas in which these craftspeople work and fair trade enables an environment where everyone wins.

Furthermore, the consumers of these fair trade goods are true beneficiaries as well. No sweatshop or factory can create works of art as beautiful and original as those produced under the concepts of fair trade. Since the workers are treated well and paid accordingly, they take more pride in their work and are much more encouraged to make beautiful works of art. Buyers enjoy original jewelry, purses, belts, among numerous other accessories that they are not able to find anywhere else, and they can take pride in knowing that their purchase is going to a good cause.

Overall, the concept of products created through fair trade is beneficial to everyone involved. skilled craftspeople worldwide now have the option to operate under healthy conditions and be compensated justly for their skills and dedication. The communities they live in will benefit economically from the money and recognition the workers bring to their communities. Finally, Americans are able to purchase original works of art from many different countries and are not concerned with whether or not they are supporting abuse. Ideally, fair trade will someday expand to all craftspeople throughout the world.

Connor Sullivan recently purchased a couple of handmade bags for his wife and daughter. He also purchased a couple of leather journals for his son who is traveling abroad this summer.

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