Eco Friendly Landscaping Benefits You And The Planet

Everyone is worried about the future of our planet and we all want to have peace and quiet and enjoy our homes indoors as well as outdoors. Those of us that own homes want a beautiful landscape and we want it to be environmentally friendly.

A landscape that has a lot of trees and plants will have a lot of maintenance and will use a lot of water. With a restricted water usage in many places, based on a short supply of water, you have to search for a more eco friendly landscape to benefit your home. You look for a low maintenance landscape and one that is low in water usage. You can have this by replacing natural grass for a biodegradable artificial turf. With the artificial turf, you will no longer have to mow the lawn or water it and it will stay green and never turn brown. If you do not feel you can live with an artificial turf lawn, then you will have to consider arranging your plants in a way to conserve water. Separate the plants that need more water from those that need less water.

Some people have opted for an edible landscape and are doing away with the high maintenance landscape. The edible landscape includes fruit trees, vegetable gardens, plants that are drought resistant, and herb or greens gardens. Edible landscape is beautiful and will keep your family in nutritious food all year. If your vegetable garden is invaded by pests, rabbits or squirrels, then plant onions around the perimeter of your gardens and they will stay away. You may also want to consider a desert landscape also known as a native landscape. The desert landscape design will include native wildflowers and ferns that do not require much water and instead you can cover the area with colorful stone.

For your enjoyment and entertainment; you may consider another eco friendly landscape which would include and outdoor fire pit, barbeque pit, or fireplace. A patio and some outdoor lighting would fit nicely into this landscape allowing for a great place to entertain family and friends and other outdoor activities.

Do not use chemicals on your landscape as they can be toxic even if they do help the situation for which they are being used. The solution is short term while in the long term, they are not healthy for you and those enjoying the outdoor entertainment with you. Pests can be eliminated by eliminating that which attracts them and you will not have to use herbicides and pesticides.

In summary, an eco friendly landscape benefits not only you individually but the planet as well because it will conserve our dwindling water supply; provide food for you and your family with an edible garden; and contribute to the good health and outdoor enjoyment of you and your family without the use of toxic chemicals.

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