Does Refinishing An Old Iron Bed Destroy The Value

Restoring old furniture can be a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before and know absolutely nothing at all about how to go about it. Of course, if you have great instructions to go by, then it is entirely possible that you could do some refinishing and have it turn out great, that is if you have the right amount of patience to go along with your instructions. The trick to any furniture refinishing is to take your time and never get in a hurry. You never want to destroy the value of an antique piece of furniture, so know all about the piece you have before you touch it in any way.

Deciding whether or not to refinish an old iron bed is a question that is often asked these days. There are a lot of old iron beds around, but not many of them are in great condition so that means the owner might want to make it look better if it is going to be used in their home. It is hard to say if the value will be diminished or not, but it would be hard to use an old iron bed in a rusty, paint chipped condition. You will need to know how old your bed really is and if it really needs to be redone.

You might have an idea how old the bed is by how long it has been in your family or what you were told when you bought it, but that might not always be reliable information. Unless you are certain about the bed’s age, then take it to an antique professional and have them look at it. It might be that your bed was made during the very early 1900’s or in the 1800’s and if this is the case it could be more valuable because it was made differently than the iron beds after 1914 or so when the first world began to take place. After the first world war most iron beds were then made in factories.

A professional antique dealer should be able to tell if your iron bed was handcrafted using a sand-cast mold with high grade iron of the time. The beds that were made in later years could be considered less valuable because they were manufactured in a factory with a lesser grade iron and in a much faster and more modern manner. This does not mean that the manufactured beds are worthless, it is just they are not the same as the handcrafted beds.

Just like with so many other types of furniture, iron beds can have marks on them or manufacturing labels. This could be a key to figuring out how old it is and how it was really made on your own. If you are unable to find any identifying marks on your bed, then the professional antique expert might be your best bet in finding out for sure. Even if you go ahead and refinish the bed, you will want to have a definite answer about whether it will harm the value or not before you proceed.

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