Discover The Mountainous Rainforest Above Puerto Vallarta

Just past Banderas Bay and the city of Puerto Vallarta, the Sierra Madre Mountains produce an epic backdrop to one of Mexico’s premier vacation spots. Within the valleys and canyons of this mountain range, a lush rainforest serves as home to an incredible variety of plant and animal life. Though human residents are few among the Sierra Madre’s rainforest, vacationers visit this enchanting natural environment everyday for a quantity of unique activities. On any given day within the rainforest, you are able to go to a strange colonial boomtown high in the mountains, swing from the treetops on a canopy tour and go for a simple hike via some truly amazing scenery. If you need to experience the rainforest while in Mexico, look no further than the Sierra Madre Mountains in Puerto Vallarta’s backyard.

In recent years, canopy tours have become a favorite adventure for tourists in Puerto Vallarta. Originally developed in the rainforests of Costa Rica, canopy tours allow thrill-seeking travelers to ride pulley lines between platforms higher in the trees. Throughout the tours, helpful guides are on hand to help even the most timid participants make the most from the scenic experience. As you glide from tree to tree, the guides will also point out unique plant life and provide plenty of information about the rainforest’s extensive ecosystem. Though the activity might seem dangerous, each tour is supported by an incredible array of safety equipment and open to children six and older. Ask your concierge for tour recommendations as some tour companies will pick up outside the best resorts and discounts are often obtainable to guests.

If you want to encounter the natural beauty of the rainforest at the ground level, there are a number of hiking and biking tours available in Puerto Vallarta. Most tour businesses offer different excursions to suit all ages and skill levels. The most well-liked hiking tours generally last 2-3 hours and wind through incredible vegetation, although the advanced tours incorporate all the best sites of the rainforest and can last all day. Along the way, tour guides will point out interesting species and assist tourists in bird and animal watching. Mountain biking tours provide similar opportunities, yet some tours also permit guests to ride in the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta directly into the mountains.

If you’re searching for some distinctive outdoor actions for your trip to Mexico and Puerto Vallarta, look no further than mountains above the city. As the rainforest and all of its activities lie just a few miles from the luxurious resorts of Puerto Vallarta, this special destination is able to supply the very best of both worlds unlike anywhere else.


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