Discount Accommodation – Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Next Hotel Stay

When you are making plans for your next business trip or holiday, saving on costs should be a priority. Regardless of whether your destination is a neighbouring country or a faraway land, discount accommodation will allow you to save more money on your hotels so that you can concentrate more on activities instead.

These accommodations offer discounted rates on a regular basis if you know where to find them. The best part is any category of accommodation can offer discounts, from modest budget hotels to luxurious five-star hotels. Below is some useful advice that will help you net the best discounted hotel rates so that you can enjoy great savings every time you travel.

Use coupon codes

There is no better way to save money on your hotels than using discount coupons, which are ubiquitous both offline and online. Newspapers, hotel coupon books and entertainment directories are common sources of cut-out coupons that you can tear or cut out.

The Internet is also a rich resource for coupon codes. You can do a web search on coupon websites for your specific destination or selected hotel to obtain the coupon codes. Then, enter these codes in hotel booking websites just before you confirm your booking.

It is always prudent to thoroughly study the requirements outlined in the coupons, such as having to stay for a certain number of nights. By spending some time to search for these coupons, you can stand to enjoy considerable hotel discounts that could save you enough money for a future stay.

Last minute deals

If you are travelling at the last minute, chances are that you will get to enjoy last minute discounts from hotels which are not fully booked during the particular time of your stay. This is because hotels might be desperate to find guests to fill unoccupied rooms, especially during the off-peak travel seasons.

Booking at the last minute would especially be recommended if you are flexible with your travel dates and can thus travel during periods when these hotels are unlikely to be overbooked. Just keep a look out for last minute hotels through the newspapers or online to enjoy the best deals.


A hotel that requires you to walk a little longer to reach a main tourist spot is usually more likely to offer attractive discounted rates than another hotel located just next to it. Hence it pays to cast your net wider when it comes to searching for a hotel with the best deals. The savings that you will enjoy by staying in these hotels would be well worth the extra commuting distance.

Ask around for the best deals

Asking around can also help you garner information on which hotels offer the best discounted deals. You can ask friends or relatives who have stayed at a discounted hotel about the deals on offer.

You can also ask the hotels themselves for any other special rates or discounts when before checking in. There may also be special discounts offered in conjunction with certain events or festivals, so be sure to ask if there are any.

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