Diagnose A Problematic Air Conditioner – Why Is Warm And Cold Air Coming Out?

Auto air-conditioning systems that blow warm on one side and cold on the opposite side sometimes have one of 2 issues. In this short automobile repair article, an accomplished car technician shares his experience, extracted from working on air conditioners in Florida for the last few decades. This free info can be similarly useful to the do-it-yourselfer as it is to a client that knows the value of being informed when referring to handling auto repair shops. Read on for free automobile A / C help when the air is blowing warm on ONE side.

Usually cars that blow cold on one side of the dash and warm on the other side, are typically equipped with a dual zone climate control system. Dual zone systems allow the driver and front passenger to adjust respective temperatures to their comfort levels. There are two common causes of a temperature difference when both sides are set at the coldest settings, lets cover the first one.

Low Refrigerant – Automotive air conditioners which use 134A, usually hold a small amount of refrigerant compared to older automobiles that use R12. Car and truck air conditioners today are much more efficient than their older counter parts. The fact that 134A systems use less freon, means that a leak can more quickly affect the performance of an HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system.

Thanks to the design of twin AC systems, low refrigerant is the main cause of extreme temperature difference from one side of the dash to the other. Even well experienced auto technicians could be stunned to find out that as little as four to eight oz undercharged of 134A can make such a massive difference. The temperature from the left vent to the right vent can vary ten to twenty degrees.

The simplest thing to try is to top off the system or even better remove all freon and recharge the unit with the factory stated amount. Mostly after the right charge of Freon is in the auto, the temp will blow similarly as cold like it should on each side! What if that did not help? Read on to learn of another possible reason for the difficulty.

HVAC Door Issue – Twin areas supplying different temperatures from vents on both sides of the dash is attained by the utilising of tiny doors in the HVAC housing. By controlling the doors, the temperature of the air on the right and left can be adjusted to the specified comfort level. Many times the motor ( or actuator ) that controls the door for either side can fail or the door itself can break and forestall the temp. From being adjusted.

Diagnosing this difficulty is more complicated and could be a subject for another article. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, the free info supplied here will help to fix the difficulty of “AC’s blowing hot or warm from one side of the dash. “.

Lawrence Influxseo is a marketing staff for Beverly Hills Air Conditioning and Los Angeles Air Conditioning. The experienced HVAC contractor provides air conditioning services for residential, commercial, and industrial requirements. Visit our web page for more info.

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