Choosing The Right Telephone Table For Your Decor

A telephone table makes a great addition to any home and because of its chameleon-like ability to adapt, can also act as the ideal housewarming or wedding gift. These incredibly versatile tables can literally work with any decor imaginable because there are so many designs and colors to choose from. Some tables even come with attached padded seating, allowing for a comfortable place to sit down when you come in from work as you take off your shoes and check your messages.

A multipurpose telephone table will not really just work with your decor, it will enhance it. There’s no doubt that you’ll find precisely what you need for any given area or theme, be it a cozy cottage beach look or an upscale, chic and modern style. Keep the overall size of the room in mind as you consider your purchase; if the room is large and the furniture is too, you’ll want to buy a big table, conversely, keep it small if the room is small.

Are you interested in creating a light and airy ambience in a room? A wicker table will work nicely. Or go with an all white or bleached oak or pine table to enhance a tropical beach motif. If you want to build a simple, uncluttered theme, chose a plain, unadorned table with clean lines. The much more casually decorated room always works best with a table that has a lighter finish. A table with a pale finish always works well in a child’s room or in a room with lots windows. A darkish walnut table, heavily carved with ornate flowers is going to look completely out of place in the baby’s room.

If you’re looking to stick to a tight budget, pick up an unfinished table and paint or stain it to your desired specifications. Or you can look for a wooden veneer table to keep costs down; a wooden veneer table would be less expensive than a solid oak or maple table.

Are antiques much more to your liking? Telephone tables have been popular for decades so there are a lot of actual antique telephone tables and antique replicas on the market. Look for a darker finish to suit a more classic, traditional style room. You might find a table that is so distinct that you decide you want to decorate around it rather than only use it as an additional table.

If your style leans more toward the sleek and modern, you would do well to pick up a dark or white lacquered telephone table. A brass, chrome or stainless steel table would also work well with lighter, modern furniture. Search carefully and you might actually find an all glass table.

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