Chiropractic Secrets That May Double Your Chance Of Living For Over 100 Years

How would you like to live past the age of 100? I guess that’s kind of a loaded question because you’d think the answer is simple. Like the show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Of course you want to be a millionaire! Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Well, not Bill Gates of course. Becoming a millionaire would make him poor; at least, relatively poor in comparison. Everything is relative is this issue. For example, living to 100 years of age doesn’t interest me if I’m sick or in pain. On the other hand, I’d love to join the 100 year old club as long as the quality of my life and health was great. You see, it’s all very relative when it comes to age.

That’s being said, here are the findings of a study that identified something that doubles your chance of reaching and living past the age of 100. Here are the results according to an article in Earth times: “The researchers, Dr. Leonid Gavrilov and Dr. Natalia Gavrilova, say the age at which a mother gives birth is a major factor in the number of years the offspring lives. The chances of the child living up the age of 100 and beyond are almost double for a child born to a woman below 25 years of age.” The husband and wife team had previously discovered birth order is a major factor in longevity.

For example, first-born children, especially girls, are more likely to live past 99 years of age. The recent study shows the age of the mother is more important than any of the other factors. Gavrilov and Gavrilova used data from the U.S. Census, the Social Security Administration and genealogical records to identify 198 people over the age of one hundred born in the U.S. from 1890 to 1893 and then traced their family histories to establish possible predictors of their longevity. They found being born to a young mother had an important role in reaching the age of 99. There are other factors also like growing up in the Western part of the United States., spending part of one’s childhood on a farm and being born the first of the children. They feel the study needs further elaboration and deeper research to get better results. Gavrilov suspects the younger women’s eggs are different in their quality, and the best ones, the most vigorous, go first to fertilization. The researchers are of the opinion that their findings may have important social implications because many women tend to postpone childbearing to later ages due to career demands.

There appears to be both good news and some bad news. For example, if your mother was under the age of 25 when you were born, you’re probably doing back flips right now. On the other hand, if your mother was a little older when you were born, you may be a little depressed by what you just read. Well, the real truth of the matter is: you shouldn’t be too elated or discouraged by what Dr. Garilov and Dr. Garilova uncovered.

The first thing to understand from this chiropractic article is that correlation is not causation. This “study” was comprised of data from 198 people who were born from 1890 to 1893. 198 is not a lot of people and may not be representative of the overall population. In other words, just because a certain percentage of the study group who lived to be over 100 years old were born to a mother under the age of 25 does not necessarily mean that was the cause of anything. There are a lot of unknown factors. For example, let’s say we were trying to find out what causes certain people to have high IQs. We looked at some data of 198 people with IQs of 150 and above. And in that data, we found that a high percentage of these people’s parents had blue eyes. Would your conclusion be that blue eyes are a cause of high IQ? Of course it would not. It is simply a correlation that has nothing to do with causation, especially if your data came from a part of the world where a large portion of the population has blue eyes! It could have been just a coincidence.

The second important thing about the study is that 1890 to 1893 was a long, long, long time ago. In terms of health and what we know about health, it is an eternity! This is why I’m not too sure you should be concerned about living over 100 if your mother was over 25 when she gave birth to you. There are other factors that affect your lifespan that you can control such as weight, activity level (exercise) and stress. For more health tidbits, contact New Century Spine Centers in San Diego where you can learn about health, chiropractic, and spinal decompression therapy.

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