Using easy Chinese cooking methods, you can provide a delicious variety to your every day meals, by either preparing an entire Chinese dinner or, just adding certain foods to your regular meals. As an example: you can prepare an entire dinner with stir fry foods and end up with steamed sponge cake for dessert or; you can add something like mango pudding for dessert, or start your meal with egg drop soup.

Chinese cooking methods are healthy and nutritious and so are the ingredients that go into Chinese cooking. There is very little meat used in true Asian cooking, and when meat is used, it is used sparingly. This helps to keep the Asian cuisine light and can easily help you to maintain your weight or lose weight, depending on how you prepare it.

Frying, stir frying, steaming, boiling, broiling, roasting, and baking are all used in the Chinese method of cooking. However, when frying or stir frying very little oil is used. Vegetables are almost always steamed for the exception of when they are being stir- fried. In Chinese cooking methods, vegetables are always used as part of the dish and also as part of the meal separately. Unlike American cuisine where vegetables are usually used as a side dish, in Chinese cooking methods, vegetables are always part of the meal and usually more than one vegetable is served. Steaming the vegetables helps to retain their nutrients; while boiling generally releases the nutrients into the water they are being boiled in, and by the time the vegetable is served, it is no longer as nutritious a food as it should be.

At the inception of adding cakes and buns to the Chinese method of cooking, the common people did not all have ovens in their homes, or ovens available to them. Therefore, cakes and buns were steamed. This method of cooking buns and cakes still exists. There are cakes called Nian Gao, a sticky cake that is usually served on the new year, and there is Ma Lia Gao which is a steamed sponge cake, as well as sticky buns. Like all Chinese cuisine these cakes and buns are all easy to prepare at home and are light and delicious.

As mentioned earlier, with the Chinese cooking methods, you can easily provide a delicious variety to your everyday meals. From cooking an entire Chinese dinner to adding special Chinese cuisine recipes to whatever you are serving, for a tasty variety from the usual everyday humdrum foods. The Chinese soups, desserts, and vegetable dishes are easy to prepare and fit into almost any kind of food you may be serving. Try adding something new to your meal tonight by using the Chinese method of cooking.

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