Cheap Boston Hotels – Staying In Boston The Affordable Way

Boston, an important historical, financial, sporting, academic and cultural centre in New England and America, holds a unique charm and allure for the millions of visitors who visit for various reasons. With a variety of attractions and icons such as museums, lush gardens, sports venues and universities located close to each other, it is no wonder that the diversity that makes up the city is a major attraction in itself.

If you are paying a visit to Boston and want to explore all that the city to offer, what better way to get started than to choose one of the many accessible hotels in the city to be your base. While there are many high-end luxury hotels and those that mainly cater to the academic crowd due to the presence of some of the most established universities here, you can still find a good variety of accommodation options, including cheap Boston hotels located in or near the downtown area.

The cheaper accommodation in Boston can generally hold their own against their luxury counterparts in terms of comfort and convenience, while providing unmatched affordability to the budget traveler. While these hotels may not be filled with the trappings of luxury, you will be able to find rustic furnishings and an old world charm that matches the character of the city. While the amenities are fairly basic but sufficient, you will certainly feel at home with the cozy atmosphere exuded by these hotels.

Something that you would have to take into consideration before booking your hotel in Boston is the timing of your visit. This is because during major events and festivals such as Patriot’s Day, Boston Marathon and Independence Day celebrations, and in September when the autumn foliage becomes an attraction in itself, the hotels near the downtown area in particular fill up very quickly and could leave you with fewer choices. The same can be said of the graduation weekend at the end of May as there are a good number of universities in the city.

To avoid the unwelcome dilemma of a lack of hotel rooms during these periods, it is thus prudent to place your hotel bookings as early as you can to get the hotel room of your choice at the best rates. That being said, you still have other budget accommodation options in the suburbs which are still highly accessible to the downtown area via the public transportation networks.

Boston, a relatively small city, is very visitor-friendly as most of the attractions are easily accessible and the city’s sights best enjoyed on foot. If you want to save on some travelling time and costs, though, it would be wise to choose your hotel in the downtown area or Back Bay to be situated near these attractions. You can choose from a wide variety of options such as bed and breakfasts, motels and more regular budget to mid-ranged hotels.

For business travelers, I especially recommend the downtown area, also known as the financial district, as there are numerous accommodations and business facilities specifically catered to the needs of busy executives.

If you are a tourist, you would also find many historical sights, shopping and dining options a short distance away from your hotel. Back Bay, too, is recommended for being accessible by public transport such as the trolley and subway as well as by foot, and having many hip cafes and shopping opportunities in the area. Both areas are close to the theatre district which is a boon for arts lovers.

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