Change The Way You Live With Feng Shui

The Chinese had Feng Shui as a part of their philosophy and system for thousands of years. Feng Shui has its bases in Yin and Yang for the flow of positive energy. Yin and Yang make up all of the forces of life. Yin, the female is dark, passive and thoughtful and Yang, male, is active and light and comes right through one. In I Ching, Yin is represented by the broken line and Yang is the unbroken line. When Yin and Yang are together, there is perfect balance and Feng Shui depends on that balance for the positive flow of energy.

Feng shui may have its roots in Chinese culture and science but people have been using such a form for many years we have called it rearranging, as referenced to furniture. When things begin to get a bit cluttered and we have to walk up hill and down hill to get to different parts of the house, we begin to rearrange. However, with feng shui there is a larger and more important part to rearranging than just to remove or rearrange the clutter. With feng shui, we use certain portions of a house or room and arrange it to benefit us in health, relationships, education, career, etc.

In order to change your life using feng shui, you have to know what things in your life you want to change. To do this, it is recommended that you take an inventory of those things that you are most displeased with and write them all down. When you have listed them all, then place them into categories as follows: there are nine categories that make up a Ba Gua which is a sort of map one follows in arranging their life. The nine categories are: prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships and love, creativity and children, people and travel, career and life path, skills and knowledge, family, health and other.

When you have listed your dissatisfactions in your life and placed them into their proper categories (some may fit into more than one category), you are ready make the changes in your life. Now you will be able to change your life by properly structuring your environment to improve that with which you are displeased. However, feng shui will not do it alone; it will need your input to get the changes made. Chinese feng shui will help by arranging your environment to give you the proper energy you will need to accomplish the changes.

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