Celestial Creatures of Feng Shui

There are four main animals that represent the ideal location according to Chinese feng shui. These animals help protect the home from negative energy flow. The concept of these four celestial animals is based on being able to differentiate the four types of landscaping formations that protect the home. These animals are a green dragon, a white tiger, a red phoenix and a black turtle. They were given their names in honor of the four spirits that the ancient Chinese shamans looked to for support.

The green dragon is the most powerful celestial animal and the most protective of the four. It brings happiness and well being and is the one that provides luck. If you are looking at the front door from the outside, the green dragon is located to the left side of the home. It is the green dragon that adds to the family’s wealth. If there is a building or tree that is taller than the home, it should be located to the left of the green dragon to help promote luck and wealth. If there is not a taller structure, place a photo or a figurine of a dragon on the inside of the home on the left handed wall.

The white tiger celestial animal symbolizes a protection that is reliable. It helps to balance the power of the green dragon and puts a restraint on the negative. The white tiger structure is on the right of the house opposite the dragon structure. They protect your home from murders and thefts. The tiger structure should sit lower than any of the other structures on that side of the home. If it does not, then place a picture or figurine of the tiger on the inside of the home on the right side wall.

The red phoenix symbolizes success, rebirth and new opportunities. This structure should be by a low fence or an open space. The phoenix is represented by red. Adding red around the front door will help deliver the energy of this feng shui creature.

The black turtle is a feng shui creature that symbolizes support and stability. It protects your home from any form of negativity. This structure sits behind the home represented by a flat hill or a solid structure. The black turtle provides luck and success for the owner of the home. Placing a small picture of a turtle on the back wall of a home will add to the home’s well being. A live turtle in an aquarium near or on the back wall is ideal.

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