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You Need A Screen Tent Along For Every Camping Trip

If you love to go camping when the weather is great like so many people do, you know already that it is always important to be sure and bring all of the supplies that you will need. It is usually better to bring along too much gear rather than not enough. Once you get to your camping location, you don’t want to have to leave and go back for things your forgot if that is even possible. It is better to take the time a prepare a well thought out list of what you will need before you begin packing up.

Which Is The Best Camping Tent?

Life in urban cities takes its toll on its citizens. Alienated from nature, there is hardly any occasion where one can commune with nature. Yet urban life is a creation of human imagination and labor. Technologies have transformed large parts of the earth completely. Green house gases are released, particularly carbon dioxide, heating up the earth. Depletion of ozone layer which protects us from the radiation by the sun is yet another cause of worry. Global warming and climate change are hot topics of debate. Combating climate change is a challenge. Unnatural floods, draughts, tsunamis, melting of the polar ice caps and the rise of sea level to drown out islands are identified as the new threats.

Discovery Of Symbiosis With Nature

Global temperature has been rising. The ecosystem will be affected. It will change in order to cope up with the rise in temperature. Many species will be driven out of their natural habitats. What will the polar bears do with the melting of the polar ice caps? How will they survive? Fishes such as trout and salmon will find the changes in wetland and fresh water ecosystem difficult to cope with. Many species will either die out or migrate to areas that suit them.

The Protective Cocoon – The Sleeping Bag

It has been a long day. Climbing up the mountain with the heavy backpack, as the sun slides down the mountain side, weariness sets in. The sight of the camping site sends you a new burst of energy. There is the hot dinner waiting for you and hopefully a hot water bath. The thought of finally laying your legs to rest, sliding into the sleeping bag and falling off to sleep in the comfortable warmth and confines of the sleeping bag is overwhelming. There are the countless stars to watch over you and the cool winds to nuzzle you into a dreamy night.

National Parks: Best For Science, Education And Recreation

The progress that we have made since industrialization has been impressive. But then we have had to pay a heavy price in the destruction of environment. The natural resources of the world, be it the waters from the rivers, the minerals from below or the oil from the sea bed, environment has been a casualty. The adverse effects of this unthinking march of progress have been quick to be felt. The current discussions are around loss of biodiversity, climate change, global warming, pollution of air, water and land, and the fresh water crisis. The crisis felt everywhere has also made the world to grapple with environmental crisis. The awareness and concerns are palpable. Public interest, private support and government initiatives have since grown. The first major initiative has been to conserve the remaining natural habitat.

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