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Great Resources For Divorce Records In Canada

For those who would like to get hold of the information that is contained in that Canada Divorce Records dated since 1840 until 1968, a petition to the Parliament of Canada should be made first, aside from sending an intent to divorce notice to the district or county of residence for a time frame of six months. Now, the availability of these divorce records in Canada to the public and online is indeed of great advantage to everyone.

The Marriage Of High Hopes

Tom and Susan walked into my office. No, this was not a formal session. Just a couple of friends and me sitting down to talk over their relationship. They had been fighting on a regular basis, like a couple of days out of every week. Some of it had to do with his anger, jealousy and past experiences. Some of it had to do with her sharp tongue and dominating personality.

You Don’t Need To Be In Control

Are you a controlling personality? Well, congratulations. You’ve been gifted with leadership traits. Keep in mind, though, that there are those who lead wisely, those who are mediocre n their leadership and some who are so infatuated with their need to control that they are downright ornery, or bad or evil. The latter have used their gift of being leaders in the wrong way.

The Tough Guy Asks, “How Can I Save My Marriage?”

Jake was rough, tough, crude and rude; but he was in love with his wife. “She used to have the hots for me, you know?” he said. “I was what you’d call a bad boy and she thought that was cool.”

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