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Keep Your Man Loving You

Charlotte was inconsolable. Her wedding was two weeks away and her guy had called it off. She begged him to come back, but he wouldn’t hear of it. It was too late to rescue the wedding she had planned for years. Humiliating notes of regret had to be sent to guests along with dozens of wedding gifts. A lot of money had been spent on a beautiful gown and all that goes with it as well as service providers that refused to return down payments.

Hey Men, Do You Have Feelings?

Because most men are basically strong and tough, emotionally if not physically, women often take that for granted and are excepting them to be invincible. Intrinsically? Yes. Although a boy can be influenced by words such as, “Boys don’t cry,” if he’s normal and healthy, he’ll discover as he matures, that the don’t-cry syndrome in reality is part of his very nature.

The 5 Most Important Words To Repair A Relationship

I’d like to tell you a story.

Communication? He Doesn’t Even Know What It Is.

I love my husband and want to share things with him; but he turns cold and refuses to listen or talk. Why?”

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