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Ahwahnee Tents Are The Best For Camping

Camping holds a distinctive place amongst recreational activities. As a leisure time activity, camping does give pleasure to the campers. Much more than that is its impact on the well being of the body and mind. Over and above this, there is this important role of camping providing a possibility of establishing a symbiotic bond with nature. Nature has taken a heavy toll in the name of human progress. Pollution has spread wild over the land, air and water. The forests, rivers and valleys have been destroyed for development and progress. It is now asserted that this cannot go on indefinitely. Species survival, including human survival, is only possible if we change to ecologically sustainable development.

Animal Facts – White Tailed Deer

White tailed deer are very popular in Central America. In Costa Rica they are commonly seen in the rainforest of Guanacaste. They also live in much of the Central American territory. White-tailed deer can adapt to a wide variety of habitats.

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