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The Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy

You cannot get your period while pregnant. Simply stated, your period is when your body sheds the tissues that are absolutely necessary during pregnancy. The process is designed so that every month those tissues are renewed so that when you become pregnant the baby has the best possible opportunity to grow and flourish. Because of this fact, getting your period while pregnant may be a sign that you need to see a doctor immediately. After all, for centuries, getting your period has been a sign that you are not pregnant.

What Are The First Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

There are many early signs of pregnancy. A number of these signs would be extreme fatigue, slight bleeding, cramping, cravings for certain food and change in body temperature. A number of the symptoms of being pregnant would be mood swings, headaches, changes in appetite and even aversion to certain foods. However this can be not the standard issue for each woman. Not everybody would expertise of these signs and symptoms.

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