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Love Handle Exercises – Stomach Exercises To Work Off Those Love Handles

A big issue of people who desire to look more fit is belly fat. Particularly, a big number of people have trouble with “love handles”. Far from lovely or lovable, these are deposits of fat that occupy residence on the sides of one’s lower torso, around the external oblique muscles. The good news, however, is that there are a few stomach exercises which particularly target the obliques, helping trim love handles.

Exercises For Love Handles – Why Do People Do Exercises For The Stomach

Exercises for the stomach muscles are one of the most popular kind of exercise done among people wanting to develop a better body. When anyone plans a workout plan to develop and strengthen muscles, abdominal workouts are always included in the routine. Why is this? Why are more individuals concerned with their stomach muscles than any other part of their body?

Three Interesting Lessons From Kata Unsu

Kata Unsu, from Shotokan, Isshin Ryu, and other schools, is one of the most advanced karate katas you will ever learn. Unfortunately, there is good side and a bad side with this pattern. There are things you would never do in the moves, and there are things that are so incredible it is amazing.

Win Every Battle With The Only Three Techniques Of Kickboxing Karate

I know, kickboxing karate doesn’t really exist, but it does make a fine translation of arts. When you shift from karate to kickboxing, or shift from kickboxing back to karate, you can win every single contest you are in by knowing the three things I am going to tell you in this article. We are dealing only with the fists, mind you, so you have to control the distance to make sure that you stay at a distance that is comfortable for you to punch at.

Progressive Jiu Jitsu: It’s All About The Basics!

As you’ll quickly find in your jiu jitsu training, the amount of techniques and situations you have to process is overwhelming. People are getting you in bad positions and you are stuck and unable to get out – eventually leading to submission.

Some Important Motivational Techniques To Keep Exercising No Matter Your Schedule

Exercise is a wonderful part of our lives keeping us young and fit. But sometimes we can lose our enthusiasm and need a push to get out there and get moving again. So here are some important motivational techniques to keep exercising.

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