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All About Diabetes

Diabetes is not caused by any virus or bacteria and hence non-infectious. There is no cure for diabetes. We can only manage and control diabetes by taking certain steps such as proper exercises,suitable diet control and medication throughout our life span. Diabetes is a life long disease which affects the whole body caused by the inability of the body to produce the hormone insulin.

Steps On How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

A diabetic must know how to lower blood sugar level. But before anything else, you must know the normal and abnormal values of the sugar level in the blood. A blood sugar chart is used to monitor your sugar level at home thus it can be used to determine what factor can affect the levels of your the sugar level in the bloodstream.

Diabetic Shoes – What You Should Know.

In a person with diabetes, the body cannot process normal sugar intake. Usually when you take in food, the sugar in the food is broken down into glucose, which is then sent throughout the body to reach body cells for absorption as fuel. In a diabetic person, this absorption does not take place. The result of this is that the body’s blood sugar levels increases. This condition can cause several problems. One of the problems caused by diabetes is feet damage. Let’s examine in closer detail, how diabetes affect your feet.

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