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Debt Relief Options For All Of Us

Debt relief is in the news in this period of high unemployment and economic recession, as many people find that they need help with overwhelming debt . The process is complicated, and extreme care should be taken to evaluate options offered by individuals or organizations. If you find you need help with finances, you can seek help from your creditors, private financial counselors, Christian counseling organizations, and for profit and non-profit companies. Business owners, may be eligible for government programs that can help.

Returning Home: How Adult Children Moving Back Can Be Beneficial

As we all know, we are in a recession that has left millions of people without employment, and millions more searching for ways to save money and cut down on costs. As more people lose their jobs, those with less experience will find the most difficulty, leaving younger workers and recent college graduates being hit especially hard.

There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Keep Your Paper Checks

Just in case you haven’t noticed, most of the world is going either digital or electronic in some way. It has only been thirty years or so that most people still had outside antennas on their homes because they couldn’t get cable and every house had a land line telephone. Today almost everyone has cable or satellite and a land line phone in the home is usually not even necessary even though many people still have them.

Investing In Bonds- How Is It Done And What Are The Risks?

Stocks and bonds. Doubtlessly, you’ve heard of them, and if you have been reading my articles, you know what they are. If you haven’t, here is a quick update: stocks represent a fraction of ownership in a company, and a bond represents money that a company “borrowed” and has to pay back on set dates. You may have heard that bonds are “safer” to invest in than stocks, but is this true? How are bonds traded, and what are the differences between a stock market and a bond market? Hopefully, this article can put these questions to rest.

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