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Broadband Revolutionizes The Way We Use The Internet

Most people in the modern civilized world will have heard of Broadband and will know that it relates to the internet. But how many of you I wonder actually know what broadband means, and what it does? In basic terms broadband refers to the way that you connect up to the internet. When the internet first burst upon the public domain, we all used dial up technology, which meant that we connected our computers to the web via an ordinary telephone line. Broadband however uses a different technology than dial up, and is much faster.

VOIP As The Evolution Of The Phone In Business Today

The introduction of the VoIP phone has revolutionized the use of the telephone as an instrument of communication. Using Voice over Internet Protocol, telephone calls can now be routed over the Internet infrastructure instead of over the more expensive cabling networks. This article will look at VoIP as the evolution of the phone.

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